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The origins of the bomb run started back in the 2005-2006, when I was in high school. Back then, all of the "good" runners in Austin would show up, every Friday, in what was then the Runtex parking lot. Every week the route would be different, anywhere from 6-10 miles and at some point, when someone was feeling good, they would "drop the bomb." Before you know it, the pace would go from 7:30/mile to 5:30/mile or faster and there were "casualties" everywhere. Ha! 

When I was off at college at LSU, and amongst a magnitude of other reasons, the bomb run faded away. It's been steady for the past 2 (2014-2016) years but I've decided to get organized. 

Austin is one of the best running towns, even at the higher ends, in America. We had 7 Olympic Marathon Trial Qualifiers in 2016 (4 men, 3 women, by my count), and an Olympic Silver Medalist in 2012. We probably have another 10 or so that could qualify on top of that. There is hardly a 5k you can show up for and not have the winner capable of running under 15 minutes.

Back in the day, every week, Des Ficker, Lance Parker, Derrick Williamson, John Keane, Kevin Kimbell, Gilbert Tuhabonye, Bernard Manirakiza, Gate Davis, Adam Reiser and way more would show up! I'd get dropped early, fast, and hard. But, it was fun and it motivated me to be better and it gave me a lifetime of friends. 

That's why I'm bringing it back. Even if you don't feel like running hard every week - that's cool. But this should be a known and standing event, every week, where those runners in town for the weekend, moving here permanently, and the locals can show up to and know that there will be "good" runners. The cost of showing up is always $0. Running shouldn't cost money so neither does the bomb. 

6am start, every Friday. Join the mailing list and I'll shoot out where we meet. Usually at Barton Springs pool but could be elsewhere so stay up to date or shoot me a text (512.468.0378). My goal is to send out the email every Thursday so you know where it will be.


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